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Der krönende Abschluss eines UNIGIS MSc Studiums ist sicherlich die Master Thesis. Mit ihr belegen unsere MSc-AbsolventInnen, dass sie den akademischen Grad "Master of Science (Geographical Information Science & Systems)" zu Recht führen.  Im UNIGIS professional Studiengang muss keine Abschlussarbeit verfasst werden. Dennoch nehmen einige Studierende die Möglichkeit war, ein Geoinformatikprojekt durchzuführen und entsprechend zu dokumentieren.

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Hier finden sie die mitunter preisgekrönten Abschlussarbeiten unserer AbsolventInnen!

Werner Macho [06-2017]:

Interactive Timeseries Analysis on Rasterdata using QGIS, an open source GIS

Diese Arbeit ist online verfügbar: Download

This Master thesis is about interactively looking at remote sensing data (satellite data) and especially about creating an interactive tool for remote sensing analytics. Decision makers usually want to have a quick tool giving them the information they need without having to deal with long and complicated processing and processes in the background. The final aim is to create an open-source tool to make all this possible in one go. The focus will be the creation of a program, which will specialise on the interactive implementation to investigate time-series based raster data in real time, appearing problems and their possible solutions. The Problems detected during the creation of this tool will be documented and hopefully be solved. The thesis will also include a description of algorithms and how to create and add new algorithms to the analysis and interact with the time-series raster data interactively. Today a lot of raster data is available free of charge, and there is a variety of tools available to extract the values of raster data at a given coordinate while at the same time applying algorithms to it, but usually they are neither interactive nor „real-time“ and to the authors knowledge especially not both at the same time. Moreover, there is different software to calculate graphs and apply algorithms to complete a remote sensing workflow. To the author’s knowledge, all of the available FOSS software is lacking an „interactive“ mode to take a deeper look at the values on a selectable point and immediately display this values of all loaded raster-layers underneath it in an understandable way. Not to speak from an applied algorithm at this moment. Furthermore, there is the problem of bringing these values in chronological order to display a time-series correctly. Having an interactive tool to investigate time-varying raster data will replace a lot of currently available time-consuming workflows. The current tools mostly work like this: One has to select a coordinate and probably also select and apply a particular algorithm to it. The values returned are then in turn used to draw a graph. A new, currently to be written tool would incorporate these steps and let the user interactively see the data below the mouse pointer.

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